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Summer 2020: Considering Goodman

Posted by Kevin Creek on

Goodman AC UnitIt’s May which mean summer is right around the corner.  With temperatures rising a good air conditioner is important.  While the world is going through the current crisis, cost is a huge factor as well.  Luckily Goodman has a great line of products that can help keep homes and business cool year round. 

Goodman has been making HVAC equipment since 1975.  Since then, they have been a leader in the HVAC market.  2020 will be their 45th year of providing people with what they need to keep home cool.  These units are engineered, designed, and assembled in the United States.  At the core of the home and small business products are the 14 Seer and 16 Seer air conditioners.  These two lines of air conditioners have been a staple for providing cooling for years.  Goodman also has a solid line of air handlers to choose from. 

The Goodman GSX line of products offer a wide range of specifications to fit many needs.  What are important aspects of HVAC units? Well for one the tonnage is a key factor for price and usage.  Tonnage refers to the amount of heat a unit can remove in an hour.  The GSX 14 to 16 seer lines start at 1.5 tons and go all the way up to 5 tons.  This is also associated with price.  A 1.5 ton unit may cost $1,100 while a 5 ton unit may be closer to $2,000.  Some factors that may be included in knowing what tonnage you need include number of windows, occupants, and square feet.  This is important to consider as you do not want to have a unit that doesn’t fit your home or business.    

While air conditioners are important this summer for keeping your home cool it is important to also consider your air handler.  Goodman’s line of products include the 13 seer and 14 seer air handlers.  Much like the air conditioner, these air handlers have tonnage ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons.  They are needed to move the air through the home so quality shouldn’t be overlooked here.  The pricing for these can range from $800 to $1,300 for the average home owner.  These can be bought with the air conditioner or separate as needed.

The Goodman line of products are here this summer to help keep you and your family cool.  No one wants to be left in the heat this summer so Goodman is a product to consider when looking for a new or replacement unit.  Stay cool!