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Gree 21 to 23 Seer Indoor Vireo Ductless Heat Pump Air Handler

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Superior Design for Superior Performance. Gree’s Livo Inverter-driven, Mini Split Heat Pumps are beautifully designed to deliver effective cooling or heating,while fitting unobtrusively into any decor. The indoor unit’s aesthetically pleasing, minimalist design blends nicely in any home or office. Your Livo unit offers quiet, energy-efficient comfort, powered by Gree’s famous G10 Inverter technology. To speed the process of bringing conditioned air exactly where you want it, the unit features both horizontal and vertical air flow control. Customizable mode controls allow you to adjust fan speeds,select sleep-time settings and more, all through the easy-to-use wireless remote controller, or an optionalWired Tether Controller. There’s even a Turbo, Power Failure Memory and other advanced features to make the Livo system even more versatile, for year-round comfort and energy savings. 

WHISPER QUIET Not only are the Gree systems energy efficient but they are quiet too. Livo High-Wall units operate with sound pressure levels starting as low as 28 dB.

MULTI FAN SPEEDS- Whether operating in either Cooling or Heating mode, the indoor fan can be set to your choice of four different speeds (Low, Medium, High or Turbo) to achieve maximum comfort.

INTELLIGENT PRE-HEATING -The Livo system guards against the annoying cool air blown into the room in heating mode. The system constantly monitors the discharge air temperature. It will delay the indoor fan until the indoor coil has warmed up to prevent blowing uncomfortable cool air into the room.

I FEEL MODE -The unit will sense room temperature at the remote controller instead of at the indoor unit during cooling mode. It then adjusts airflow and temperature accordingly for the ultimate in personal comfort control and energy savings.

ADJUSTABLE AIRFLOW- The Livo system has a bi-directional airflow control for maximum comfort.The indoor unit has adjustable vertical swing louvers and can be set in multiple discharge directions from the wireless remote controller.

TURBO MODE- Use Turbo Mode for situations where you wish to achieve the desired room temperature in the shortest possible time.This mode runs the unit at ultra high speeds for quickest results.

FREEZE GUARD Room Freeze Guard protection will automatically keep the room temperature from getting too cold,where water pipes might freeze.

TIMER MODE The unit can be programmed to turn ON or OFF after a specific amount of time.The time period is adjustable between one half and 24 hours.



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