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Snaprite R4 Bagged Flex Duct

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Gray Flex's models 4GF(R-4.2),4GF-6(R-6.0),and 4GF-8(R-8.0) are tested in accordance with U.L.181 and approved for use as a Class 1 air duct material. Jacketing is printed with certification label, foot markers, size and performance data every 24"-(Foot markers every 12"). It is jacketed with a scrim reinforced metalized polyester vapor barrier. The airtight core is our exclusive patented, reinforced inner liner. Fiberglass insulation is a minimum of 1 1/4" thick for 4GF, min. of 2" for 4GF-6, and min. of 2 5/8" for 4GF-8. The R4 Flex Duct Bag is part of the Snaprite line. The SNAPRITE 04-GF-4 is 4 inches by 25 feet and weights 7 lbs.

Additional Files:
Manufacturer's Warranty
Use and Care File