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Rheem RUUD Copeland Compressors

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Copeland Scroll™ Technology

Copeland™ compressors live at the heart of the HVAC and refrigeration systems that homeowners, businesses, and industries have depended on for almost a 100 years now. There’s a reason Copeland is specified by more HVACR professionals than any other compressor brand. Every product is engineered and tested for ultra-reliable, quiet operation, and we are constantly improving the technology to meet today’s energy and environmental standards. And our award-winning Copeland Scroll™ technology and support continue to redefine the possibilities for indoor comfort and livability.

When Emerson first pioneered the use of scroll technology in compressors, it changed the industry forever. Since then, Copeland Scroll™ compressors have been installed over 150 million times and the technology remains at the forefront for HVACR applications, impressing contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with its superior efficiency, proven reliability, and ease of installation.

Designed to ensure customer satisfaction, Rheem air conditioning products are designed to meet or exceed industry standards. And Rheem, as a company, is always seeking to grow and improve their product lines. For years, the Rheem Manufacturing Company A/C division has been making bold headlines in the realm of air conditioning technology. In December of 1998, the company released a press release declaring installation of over three million Copeland® Compliant Scroll® Compressors. Today, Rheem includes the Copeland as a standard component of every Rheem-crafted residential condensing unit.