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WeatherKing 92% AFUE Multi Position Furnace W92TA Series

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92% residential gas furnace CSA certified. 4 way multi-poise design. 7-Segment LED on all units. Direct Spark Ignition for reliability and longevity. Water Management System. Heat exchanger is removable for improved serviceability. Aluminized steel primary and stainless steel secondary construction provide maximum corrosion resistance and thermal fatigue reliability. Low profile “34 inch” cabinet ideal for space constrained installations. Blower Shelf design – serviceable in all furnace orientations. Pre marked hoses – insures proper system drainage. Vent with 2" or 3" PVC. Replaceable Collector box. Hemmed edges on cabinet and doors. Quarter turn fasteners for tool less access. Integrated control boards feature dip switches for easy system set up. Self priming condensate trap. WeatherKing has a multi position furnace line of products. 

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