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Fire Caulk

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BOSS 136 Fireblock/Draftstop Sealant (10.1 oz. tube)

BOSS – 136 Fireblock Draftstop Sealant is a single component sealant and is a noncombustible filler caulking used for fireblocking applications in the annular space around wires, pipes, ducts, vents, cable lines and other penetrations to the building envelope. It is a non-slumping sealant that sets to form a hard surface. BOSS® 136 can be applied to any gap or penetration where the specification is noncombustible and/or ASTM-E136 rated. BOSS – 136 FireBlock is to be used for interior applications only.

• Meets ASTM E-136
• BOSS® 136 is completely nontoxic and contains no asbestos or PCBs.
• Noncombustible
• Applied with a conventional caulking gun
• Easily applied sealant with water clean up capabilities
• An accredited fire block/smoke seal caulk
• Single component system, no mixing necessary and no additions required
• Meets residential construction code approvals including I.R.C.
• For interior applications only
• Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrate material